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Bob Eastman: Writing’s on the Wall

I have promised to breathe some new life into Netting It Out, and I will be doing so shortly.

In the meantime, I have been busy in several other venues:


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Great Learnings from Boston’s Small Business of the Year Awards

SMB Research was very pleased to be able to attend the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s 26th Annual Small Business of the Year Awards yesterday (Oct 14, 2010) at the Colonnade Hotel. Emceed by WBZ Radio’s co-Anchor of “WBZ Morning News” Ed Walsh, the event itself was flawlessly put together and efficiently executed, for a very enjoyable event. Better yet, the winner’s stories and remarks were compelling and inspiring.

Continue reading

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A New Language Found

There is a fascinating article, “Rare Find: a New Language”, by Robert Lee Hotz, in today’s (October 6, 2010) Wall Street Journal about a new language, called Koro, discovered in India’s Arunachal Pradesh.

The Wall Street Journal reports that there are currently some 6,909 languages existing today (with many of these dying off every year), making the discovery of a new language all the more exciting. Want to say ‘I saw the Man’ in Koro? Here’s how. If you are reading this, [Kah-play-yeh], the phonetic way of saying thank you in Koro.

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Happy Independence Day, this 4th of July

A repost:  Hardly a 4th of July passes that I do not think of some most amazing 4th of July circumstances.

No one tells it better than Joseph Ellis in his 2000 book, Founding Brothers (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2000): Continue reading

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Happy Bloomsday

In honor of James Joyce and Bloomsday, I repost my entry for Bloomsday last year.

Another Bloomsday has snuck up on me, as it does every year.  This most famous of literary days – celebrating the single day in the life of Leopold Bloom wandering around Dublin depicted in James Joyce’s book, Ulysses – has special meaning for me. Continue reading

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Steal This Blog Content

SMB Research, where I spend much of my time these days, has now had our blog content illegally copied multiple times, and we are, sadly, hardly alone.  It seems apparent that too many people either do not bother to learn the ins and outs of intellectual property and copyright, and how to properly blog, before they start blogging, or people are so utterly incapable of creating their own website content and disrespectful of other people’s intellectual property that they simply covet and steal other people’s IP. Continue reading

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The New Complexity Management

I have had a working assumption for awhile – we all have one or a few of these, don’t we? Something to keep the mental gears oiled and in good working order when our minds are not otherwise actively or productively engaged?

One of my working assumptions – stay with me on this – is that we are increasingly over-estimating our collective intelligence, and over-designing our world, our processes, our gadgets – our things – as a result. Continue reading

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Job Satisfaction At an All-Time Low

What does it say about us and about the state of our capitalist system that job satisfaction is, according to one report at least, at an all-time low?

Everyone, in my opinion, ought to be disappointed and concerned about this. At a time when we have more and much better management education than ever before, a much better educated workforce, more technology to assist us in our jobs, and arguably a more robust exchange and sharing of ideas about business, management, collaboration, and best practices than we have ever had – how could job satisfaction be on a 20+ year slide, as reported, to its lowest point ever? Continue reading

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Labor Day 2009

Netting It Out is not about politics, and never will be.

That said, with Labor Day, 2009, upon us, I cannot help but stop to think about our current state of affairs in the employment area.  It is difficult not to be concerned on this  Labor Day: Continue reading

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Two Looming Afflictions: The Flu, and Depression

At the risk of ending your summer on a down note, two recent health-related stories have caught my attention.

While these stories would be of interest in their own right, they are of particular interest now, coming during the ongoing debate on U.S. health policy. Continue reading

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