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Manufacturing in Massachusetts

Manufacturing has been on its heels, in Massachusetts and elsewhere.  There can be no argument about this.   The reasons for this (as well as the reasons, pro and con, for manufacturing itself) have been discussed to exhaustion elsewhere.  Massachusetts is taking some welcome fresh steps to revitalize the manufacturing sector.  Only time will tell if these new programs mean that we are finally going “on offense” with some strategic long-term solutions that signal a genuine new-found respect for a sector that is the source of so much innovation and vitality.

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An Introduction to Supply Chain Management from ASU

If you are new to the world of supply chain management, there is no dearth of sources and resources for you to tap into to learn what supply chain management is, and what it means for you.  There are also no dearth of sources to find out where these resources are. Continue reading

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Supply Chain Risk Management

No sooner did I finish reading this morning’s Wall Street Journal article, “Swine Flu Remains Mild as Vaccine Advances” when I saw former colleague’s Bob Ferrari‘s tweet and blog post about his upcoming session on supply chain risk management at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals 2009 Annual Conference in Chicago. Continue reading

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