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Your Bureaucracy is No Excuse (a rant)

How is the customer service you have been getting lately?

Our customer service should be better than ever, shouldn’t it? After all, the slackers and underperformers have all been laid off.  This should result in our getting better customer service than ever.

Sadly, the tale I am about tell is, I fear, more common than not. At the risk of painting with a broad brush, I must keep the parties involved unidentified for the simple reason I would prefer to avoid the rath of any Kafkaesque bureaucracy right now who could make my life miserable by losing a check, my paperwork, or my record. Continue reading


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Customer Satisfaction is All About the Context

Let me state right from the start, in the spirit of full disclosure, that I know there are some pretty smart folks who spend a lot of time thinking about customer satisfaction.

I have had a working theory for awhile, which I am constantly revisiting, that it is extraordinarily difficult to (1) accurately measure ‘customer satisfaction’ (however you define it), and to (2) effectively report on customer satisfaction. Continue reading

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