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Enterprise 2.0, Boston, June 22-25th

I should have known that something was up when I walked in to my first Enterprise 2.0 session on Tuesday morning to the sounds of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”.  Was this just someone’s good taste for wake-em-up ambient music first thing in the morning (I concur!), or was someone sending a not-so-subtle message to attendees for a conference on emerging social media? Continue reading


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Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Enterprise 2.0 header-BIG

I will be attending the Enterprise 2.0 conference at the Westin Boston Waterfront for the next day or two, and will be collecting and posting the best insights and take-aways that I can gather from this event.

TechWeb, no novices to putting on events, seem to have really mastered the art of the registration process and the integration of the social media into the registration process.  Planning an event?  You could do worse than to walk yourself through the Enterprise 2.0 conference registration process to see how to do it right.

While I am at the conference, look for periodic postings from the event on twitter, at  And if that does not get you to finally make the plunge into twitter, what will?


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LinkedIn Needs To Do Something With Groups

Of all the things that there are to like about LinkedIn (and there are many), LinkedIn’s groups and group discussions are not near the top.  I won’t pretend to know what is going on behind the scenes at LinkedIn, but I sincerely hope that someone there is looking at figuring out what LinkedIn users really want, and how to make groups and group discussions more attractive to and inviting to LinkedIn users. Continue reading

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