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Job Satisfaction At an All-Time Low

What does it say about us and about the state of our capitalist system that job satisfaction is, according to one report at least, at an all-time low?

Everyone, in my opinion, ought to be disappointed and concerned about this. At a time when we have more and much better management education than ever before, a much better educated workforce, more technology to assist us in our jobs, and arguably a more robust exchange and sharing of ideas about business, management, collaboration, and best practices than we have ever had – how could job satisfaction be on a 20+ year slide, as reported, to its lowest point ever? Continue reading


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David vs. Goliath

In the latest article by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker, How David Beats Goliath , in the May 11th issue, Gladwell once again offers up some pithy observations and insights, this time on the sometimes advantage of effort over ability. Much of the article talks about how TIBCO‘s Vivek Ranadivé used the full court press strategy with his daughter’s basketball team to overcome many more skilled opponents. Continue reading

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On Company Names

What is it with company names?

At the analyst firm where I most recently spent a lot of time, we engaged with literally thousands of companies, and I found myself bemused (or confused) by more than a few company names that I encountered. marchFIRST? Then for awhile, you had both EnteGreat, Inc., the process manufacturing solutions and system integration company, and En’tegrate Software, until En’tegrate was mercifully acquired by Avanade in 2005. Continue reading

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